How to Get Hired at Your Dream Job

It seems like we’ve all been promised that golden career that’s going to bring us true happiness. All we have to do is graduate high school, pick the right program in college or university, get enough placement or intern experience and BAM! Upon graduation, recruiters will be knocking down your door to get you to sign with a top employer.

Reality can be cruel sometimes. The truth is, with so much competition for jobs, both foreign and within the country, it’s unlikely now more than ever that you’ll be able to stick with your first job until retirement and a golden watch.

So what do you do? Well, we’ve decided to come up with some tips that can help you figure out what you want to do as an adult and how to get there.

Step 1- Figure Out What You Want From A Career/Life

The life part of this query is key. Do you want to live your own schedule and work all nighters only when it’s needed? Maybe a lifestyle business as a freelance programmer is for you. Or do you want to work 60 hours a week and climb the ladder? Chances are if you want to make it to the top of the corporate world you’ll need an MBA or be highly specialised.

Either way, you need to answer honestly as to what you want from your job and what you’re willing to give up in order to get it. Late nights and cancelled plans with friends can wear you down over time. But the rewards can be much sweeter once they begin to happen.

Step 2 – Solidify Your Contacts And Get To Networking

Chances are your dream job won’t be posted on Indeed or LinkedIn. This is where getting to know friends and colleagues come into play. Often times you’ll find out about a position before it’s too late. Asking “When was that job posted?” will get a response “It wasn’t. Had I known, I would have put you in touch with…”. Getting yourself at the front of people’s minds to remind them you’re actively looking for your dream job is just another tool at your disposal.

Don’t forget that the relationship is two-way. Reach out to people if you hear about positions that you yourself aren’t interested in, but others are. Referral bonus’ and personal references are great things to come by when trying to find your dream job from an employer that might not even have that job listed yet.

Step 3 – Stay Relevant

You have to stay current on all of the new technologies and hardware that come out in the job market. Companies are constantly innovating and driving more value from their workforce. Your dream job as an accountant today might be a data analyst or business intelligence specialist 5-10 years from now. Everything is changing, and only those that make an effort to stay on top of it will be considered.

There’s obviously more to finding your dream job than these 3 steps, but start here first and gain the experience needed to fully understand what it takes to land your dream.

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