Top Jobs for 2017

The job market has been rough for Calgarians in 2016 with the current economic state of Oil and gas. However, I do want to tell you that with 2017 here and we are very optimistic about the future of the jobs in Calgary (Acuspire can help you out *wink wink*).

After doing some research, here is what we have found to be some of the top jobs in terms of growth for 2017:

Physical Therapy Assistants

Salary ranges between $24,735 to $41,663 (CDN) as of October 2016.

By 2024, The growth of Physical Therapy assistants is projected to be 41%. Also known as PTA’s, provide physical therapy treatment under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. This includes selected services of the patient treatment plan, gathering data related to the treatment provided, and make modifications to the existing treatment plan as the patient makes progress. Interesting fact: the terms “Physical Therapy” and “Physiotherapy” are one and the same.

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Median Salary: $52,381 (CDN)

Occupational Therapy helps those that are recovering from mental illness and/or physical illness through performing activities that are used in daily life. As an Occupational Therapy Assistant, you would be conducting client intake interviews, improving the quality of life of patients through the improvement of basic motor skills, and increasing the overall independence of the patient. The types of people you would typically be dealing with include injured workers looking to re-enter the workforce and people with learning disabilities.

Personal Financial Advisor

Salary ranges between $34,729 to $70,285 (CDN) as of October 2016

Your role would help advise people with your knowledge regarding taxes, insurance, investment strategies to name a few. You would help people reach their financial objectives through the assessment of their current financial situation. After developing their financial strategy, you would also execute that strategy for your clients. This role also has a large educational component to it, you would also be teaching your clients about the things that you do. 48 different job titles.

Software Engineer

Salary ranges between $48,720 to $97,908 (CDN)

Software engineers are responsible for everything from the beginning to the end of a software product. Your duties include investigating pre-existing applications, pricing new or modified systems, train users, and much more. This role requires you to be very analytical and have a high attention to detail.

Dental assistants

Salary ranges between $30,785 to $55,697 (CDN)

A career as a Dental Assistant is responsible for handling materials and instruments to dentists as well as keeping the patient’s mouth and dry by using suction and other solutions. You will also be in charge of making sure the environment is kept sterile.

Biomedical Engineers

Salary ranges between $48,462 to $97,491 (CDN)

A Biomedical Engineer will typically be involved with creating artificial organs and body parts, the installation and maintenance of biomedical equipment, and much more. A majority of the jobs will have you designing and analyzing solutions related to biology and medicine with the goal of improving the quality of patient care.

The one problem with all of these jobs…

The job title. Someone who is a software engineer can also be a network analysis or a personal financial advisor can also be a wealth manager.

That’s the beautiful thing about what we do at Acuspire, we take your resume and match it with EVERY job title that you are qualified for.

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